Muevete y Sueña is an extension of the “outreach” programs of       NY Dance Residency.


Move and Dream

By inspiring and educating our children,

we will change the future of our Country”

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Our current needs

2016 Outreach


Our hope is through strong social empowerment directed at contributing toward the positive growth of children, so that; they can finish their academic studies; enhancing their lives, their family’s life style and therefore creating a better Guatemala.

Our immediate goal is to maintain and motivate children to continue with their academic studies and aim for more, as well as keeping them physically and mentally healthy. Thereby, decreasing their chances of getting into drugs or gangs.  Which sadly so many children choose this path of destruction due to their lack of hope and opportunities. 

Hip-Hop dance is the perfect way to reach children. It helps us to connect quickly with our students and it also prepares the best scenario to educate and inspire. First, the dance instructor will perform for them, gaining their attention and awake their curiosity.  Once   connected with them, we create a friendship based in admiration and respect, making children more willing to listen, appreciate and practice everything learned in each workshop.

    Pictures from our 2014 outreach

“Muevete y Sueña” Artistic educational program. We use “Hip-Hop Dance” as a tool to educate and inspire children to dream big!  This program is geared toward those children who are in need of motivation in order to aim for a better life, but cannot afford classes in the arts.

This is a 100% free cost Dance Residency Program for Public Schools in Guatemala.  The program is funded by NY Dance Residency, individuals and corporate companies.

This program consists of four different dance workshops

that cover the subjects of:  “Success,” “Team Work” and “Respect,” just to mention a few.

Our message is simple and direct. 

“With Desire, Determination and Discipline we will be able to achieve our greatest dreams and any goal we set in life. We call this “The Key of Success 3D.”